Vision of Changing the World for Peace through collectively focused, prayerful meditation”ANgel

The world can be healed and unified at this difficult point in history with collective, concentrated and focused powerful mental thought and emotion. Conscious energies issued forth along with many other faithful participants as we join with selfless souls and lightworkers with healing and peace for yourself and ultimately for the whole planet!

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Budapest declaration – Shifting to New Thinking and a New Civilization: “We, the members of the World Wisdom Council, are committed to the reversal of current trends towards chaos and destruction. We believe that the world can be constructively changed; a new civilization can be created.” (World Meditation hour) “On the third Sunday of each month at 6:30 pm (local time wherever you are) and spend 60 minutes of your time radiating peace, love and care to our world.” Mission statement: “To spread the Universal Peace Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, far and wide to embrace the lands and people of this Earth.” Mission statement: “To implement the Call to Global Healing bringing ethics to public policy for peace, justice and sustainability.” 80,000 participants of “World Peace Experiment.” Love Prevails. “Experiment to see if we can shift the world’s perception of “good and evil” to a perception of love.” Moment of silence, 5 PM each day, people around the globe will send forth prayers for peace and healing in the Middle East. “Concerned people from around the world who are focusing their united thoughts, love and goodwill towards a peaceful resolution of the Middle East crisis, by uplifting the energetic conditions in the region to create a better life for all people living there.” Various groups engaged in global meditations; different times, places. “Creating a culture of peace. Culture of peace initiative. (CPI)” “A Spiritual Social Networking organisation dedicated to – World Ascension – World peace – Heaven on Earth – Meditations – Healing – Connecting – Sharing – Caring.” “ Network committed to Holistic & Spiritual Healing through Education & Spiritual Activism & online campus for HH University & Ageless Wisdom.”

Fountain of Hope International

A world-wide and fully inclusive community healing project, based on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed by tuning-in one’s thoughts to an agreed point of focus in one’s own community for just a few moments of each day.

GaiaField Project


A joint project of the California Institute of Integral Studies and Wisdom Mountain that supports the emergence of a large, resilient, multi-hub network of spiritual leaders and their constituencies who will regularly participate in and co-create large-scale global meditation and prayer vigils for world peace by facilitating the sharing of information and resources between the many existing networks which share the goal of bringing together hundreds of thousands of people.

NEW Millennium Meditation Project


Carries on the work started in 1995 in preparation for the New Millennium by convening a group of meditators at the 0 hour of each new year to start the year by bringing a wave of meditatively generated love, light and will into the consciousness of Humanity. All are welcome to participate.

Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations


Supports the spiritual principles and purposes of the UN, seeking to balance and strengthen the endeavors of the UN system and its affiliates with inner reflection and stillness. It meets the first and third Thursday of every month, from 1:15-2:30 pm, and anyone interested in supporting the UN in this way is welcome to join in person (at 12:45) or by silent meditative link.

Triangles: A Network of Love and Light


Triangles is a service activity for persons of goodwill who believe in the power of thought. Working in groups of three, they establish right human relations by creating a worldwide network of light and goodwill. The website contains instructions on forming and registering a triangle.

United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative


Forms a well-established global rhythm of service, bringing together people of goodwill worldwide to co-operate in addressing the important issues of our times. Supplies meditations for use by individuals and groups in support of both the UN Days and the themes for the Year.

Winter Feast for the Soul


The Feast was held Jan 15–Feb 23, 2011, a 40-day worldwide spiritual practice period for people of all faiths everywhere. Meditation resources information available, and a look at the 2011 event.

World Prayers Project


A searchable archive of the great prayers (adorations, celebrations, invocations, meditations) from all life-affirming faiths and spiritual traditions around the world for the purposes of inspiration, study, and cross cultural appreciation. Mega peace links!