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Vision of changing the world for peace, healing for Ascension of Earth through collective, prayerful meditation”

“Proof and evidence for distance healing. Scientific evidence. Studies. World Peace Prayer effectiveness. Proof of consciousness. Telepathy.”

While many state there exists no laboratory-style, empirical “proof” of the effectiveness of distance healing through prayer and/or meditation, there is circumstantial “evidence” scientifically documented and experienced by millions globally, as well as first-hand by this author, verifying the power of consciousness, the collective power of unified “thoughts” thereby validating the spiritual power of us as individuals as well as confirming the reality and very power of what could only be called … God.

A simple attitude of prayerfulness, an all-pervading sense of holiness and a feeling of empathy, caring, and compassion for the entity in need seems to set the stage for healing.

Distance healing is the divinely guided transmission of what we call “universal life force energy”  that is being sent out to other souls or to the entire earth.

According to this website, there exists ample evidence that prayer works, with documented, validated scientific studies done to confirm this observation.

There have been documented experiments of miraculous healings of AIDS patients according to this famous AIDS study involving distance healing and prayer.

One of the more popular observations of “conscious thought” on our surroundings come from a famous experiment done by a Japanese businessman named Masaru Emoto. The following Youtube video (with nice music) shows pictorially the effect sending loving — and hating — thoughts to water had on the water’s molecular, crystalline structure as observed under a microscope.

Watch, learn and observe…


On this page as described below I share two, real-life episodes – testimony experiences – which occurred more than a decade ago when I – through consciousness of Divine Mind of my inner and outer self – was perfectly “at one” or aligned with the Creator. The “spirits” of the atmosphere, “obeyed” my very thoughts or “commands” to radically alter the weather in ways most humans would consider to be “supernatural,” both locally and even across vast regions of the USA.

Following that, I describe the effect I perceived telepathically since my presence on the Internet and setting up group prayers on a specifically timed basis.

To me, however, these occurrences seemed just “natural.”

The following are true stories.

Miracle #1:

Popular late-night radio host Art Bell and his program called Coast to Coast deals with subjects considered too outrageous to be covered by the standard mainstream such as Y2K, UFO’s, NDE’s, and spirituality, and at the Spirit or conscious level, I had somehow a divine “dominion” over him in 1999 and some of 2000. Due to the controversial nature of the content he airs, there are many dark forces often contending against Mr. Bell, and he is therefore under extra-special protection from several guardian angels. His program was a medium of the Awakening.

The Lord decreed his program to be of significant importance, and permitted his rise to prominence since around 1995, which coincided with the attendant rise in interest and respectability in such topics, as well as dissatisfaction with mainstream information sources.

One night in November 1999, shortly after my initial spiritual awakening of October when full of the Spirit, I turned on the radio to his show in the middle of a program. It was noticed the he was frustrated by the inability to obtain a shot of the starry sky through his Web Cam (that he posts onto his website) which was positioned outside his home (also his studio). This was due to overcast clouds covering 90% of the sky all night long.

After perceiving the frustrated exasperation groaning in his voice, I smiled, closed my eyes, consciously focusing, praying to God, concentrating and willing the newfound spirit energy towards Nevada, and for several minutes trembled slightly as the spirit seemingly corporeally detached, traveling instantaneously through space, allowing to accomplish what God was clearly allowing: to immediately clear the entire sky of clouds.

What confirmed the success was the fact that only ten or twenty minutes later, Art Bell went out to check out the condition of his Sky Cam only to come back on the air exclaiming with great astonishment, incredulously exclaiming to his listeners something to the effect of,

You know what? I just went outside and checked on my Sky Cam, trying to focus on the only tiny hole that appeared in the (mostly overcast) sky to get a picture of the stars; only a few moments ago the sky was overcast. It suddenly just cleared up … entirely ; there’s not a single cloud in the sky! … Impossible! (as though shaking his head) … It’s a miracle!

You bet it was, and thank God, Art.

Until this time I was unaware executing a “miracle” as such was so simple and effortless, but it is, in this expanded state of Being, unified with the Mind of the living Creation. The ultimate source of this power came directly from God, to demonstrate to Mr. Bell the will of God, as I contacted him the day after to notify him that he is in fact under divine guidance. I was merely the initiator, acting as a go-between.

The second, perhaps a couple of weeks afterward, which he was also informed of via email, was even more profound:

Miracle #2:

There was a fierce, constant wind blowing across most of Nevada and southern California (entire SW USA) for several days straight which Art was repeatedly mentioning over the airwaves during this time. Then on the third night, at the start of his broadcast, again describing these mighty winds, he also mentioned the long-distance telephone lines were dead that night, prohibiting calls to and from his home, due to phone company problems then affecting his area, and therefore decided not to broadcast for the rest of the evening, thereby ending the program after the first hour.

After hearing this, I made a decision to again hunch over in intense prayer, closing the eyes, concentrating the spirit in his direction. This time, a slight, prolonged trembling took hold as I prayed to God asking for the winds to stop. The spirit or “consciousness” bi-located from my body, over the entire southwestern U.S.A. region, lasting about 20 minutes.

The next day I turned on his program as it was beginning, and heard him vocalize with great amazement to his listeners,

The fierce winds we have been having? Relentlessly blowing for days? It just suddenly stopped! … Dead calm!

Art normally talks about weather extremes as a matter of course on his program, but it could be distinctly heard in his voice that he was profoundly moved, even perplexed.

Miracle of consciousness #3:

One day in the summer of 2000 the wildfires burning out of control around the Idaho area concerned me. So I climbed a local foothill and prayed with intensity for a full day. Within another day, unforecasted, massive rains came and drenched us for two days straight, easing the situation.

Miracle of consciousness #4:
During many of the mass prayers involved with readers (through the Internet), for instance on Sunday, February 4th, 2001, the clouds overhead were overcast and murky for days. That is, until this author started the mass prayer at about 3:30 P.M. Miraculously, within less than 15 minutes, the clouds began vanishing, radiating outward, starting directly overhead until there remained not one cloud in the sky, from horizon to horizon, with blazing sun and clear skies for the remainder of the night, despite weather forecasts saying otherwise.


Note that the above events are real and true, not fiction. If this is not enough, read the following.

In the year 2000, after realizing my new-found telepathic abilities stemming from this “Biblical” spiritual awakening of October 1999, I started some mass prayers with others on the Internet involving dozens of others, collectively combined together at a particular time.

After a couple months of engaging in these selfless prayers, what is called the “kundalini” magnified and then, during one of these prayer sessions, the bottom chakra opened up and I could thereafter “hear” the Divine Voice itself – what we call the Higher Self.

This “Voice” is not an audible voice, but rather a spoken “force” which speaks into every atom of being, as a frequency. It is the most loving, firm, absolute voice imaginable. It is androgynous — both Male and Female — and oh-so exquisitely divine and powerful.

This is what the Bible prophets “heard” when saying “thus saith the LORD.”

You see, in the act of selflessly “giving” through prayer, God Himself/Herself opened up this direct line of communication, because it was an act of charity – of giving. It was a divine blessing and “reward.”

The reality is that all of our “human” Minds – and souls – are intimately linked telepathically. We are actually all “One” unibody of a greater collective!

Furthermore, once this strong telepathic ability became apparent from October 1999 onwards, I noticed that whenever I sent out a newsletter to hundreds of subscribers, the following 2 days I would become paralyzed due to the perceiving of the “collective thought” transfer of many people simultaneously reading my words.

Sometimes this effect would be so incredibly powerful I would be psychically AND physically “paralyzed” for more than an entire week, unable to function in the physical realm!

Therefore be careful of what your thoughts are, as they are NOT “hidden” from God, the angels, or the Masters. Keep thoughts at all times focused on LOVE … LIGHT … PERFECTION.

The more your conscious thoughts “Love” the earth, other souls and all life on the planet, the more the Creator blesses you! It is called the “law of attraction” and “what goes around comes around.” It is a universal law; a cosmic law; a Divine Law.

These things have been proven to me, yet I cannot necessarily “prove” to all that come across these writings the existence of God and the collective unconscious. It will be something you either have faith in, or wait until you have a tangible, “real” experience yourself.

Furthermore, if you are in doubt, I suggest reading these true testimonials of others who have been engaged in afternoon prayers with this author, Daniel.


After publicly issuing the Ancient of Days declaration and decree on the Internet in May, 2011, I said to those who invoked this decree to “watch the weather” in the coming weeks, as I said it would be altered.

Behold, for 2 – 3 following weeks in late May, afterwards, the weather in my city of Chico California radically altered with winter time temperatures, dense clouds and on one day, vicious tornadoes. Remember this is a normally sunny, mild and calm area of the country.

Of course, the critics, skeptics and naysayer would attempt to “explain away” such phenomenon as “coincidence,” but they just have their head in the sand. For those who do believe and maintain faith, certain “signs and wonders” will be observed at the global level. DO NOT underestimate the power of God to work here on earth!

Now, if you are one who experiences some “miraculous” effects or bodily sensations (such as on the third eye or top of head) while engaging in these Sunday evening prayer-meditations at this website, send an email declaring your testimony, or the method you used, and it shall be added it to this page! Also, WATCH the news and weather for your region and around the world, as you surely shall notice dramatic effects occur in due time, especially as we gather more to this website for these weekly prayers.

Since November 20, 2012