Violet Flame $ Abundance

Financial freedom angelic, Divine Assistance instructions & decrees from universal source of abundance for $$$ and employment …

“In God we Trust.”

  1. First, follow instruction & “believe” & have faith. 
  2. Get into prayerful mood (Lord’s Prayer to start, invoke Archangel Micheal.) Meditate 5 minutes on love and light, stilling mind while focusing on deep breaths, inhaling violet flame (I AM Love of Christ Central Sun) 
  3.  …Focus attentive feeling with unwavering determination, using violet flame before and after, daily, to consume doubt, preventing obstruction or opposing blockages within all bodies and mind… 
  4. With all your LOVE, invoke your “Beloved, Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence” with sustained inner light. 
  5. Place “lucky nickel” within Star of David Divine Seal. Place lit tea candle OVER nickel. Capture image of gold coin above in consciousness, asking Divine Mind to register it’s size, appearance within your Mind. Ask God, using divine command in name of the “Mighty, Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence” to transmute ‘lucky nickel’ into heavenly abundance and gold coins as pictured above!
  6. Pray & Decree with instructions while staring intently into light of candle, asking the financial abundance from the Great Central Violet Sun to come to you, repeating OUT LOUD in use with powerful affirmation: ”I AM…”
    Continue for 5 minutes, picturing VIOLET COLORED purifying flames inside your mind, heart and body, rising upwards. 
  7. Repeat the following, in the name of “Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence”: 
· “ ‘I AM’ a being of Violet Fire!” 

· “ ‘I AM’ the purity God desires!” (Try for 3 min. to start.) 

· “ ‘I AM’ the active Presence bringing money into my hands and use instantly by the power of the Triple-Fold Flame of Divine Power from the Angels of the Violet planet and the the Angels of the Violet Temple ! 

· “In the name of the Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence of the Ancient of Days Violet Ray angel of Abundance and Power, I DEMAND release NOW the treasures of heaven of gold, money and infinite Supply from the Divine Consciousness brought forth for my immediate use!” (Repeat with loving feelin, gratitude and determination.) 

· “Through the faith, hope and promise of the ‘I AM’ Ancient of Days Violet Ray Messenger Angel of Prosperity ‘Daniel Eli,’ I DEMAND the fulfillment of the promise made to me of heavenly wealth from the transcendent realms be brought into my use today, and every day forever! (Repeat often, with intense love & feeling.) 

· “I AM the resurrection and the life!” (3X) 

· “I AM the Energy and the Life!” 

· “I AM the abundance of God with power of Violet Flame Christ Love from the Great Central Sun the Source of all! 

· “ ‘I AM’ the riches of God made freely manifest into my hands today and tomorrow!” 

· “I AM the ceaseless stream of the living water of abundance!” 

· “I AM the Mighty Power of Precipitation!” 

· “ ‘I AM’ the omnipresent, limitless Supply opulence of God!” 

· “ ‘I AM’ the money of God’ riches of heaven brought to earth for my good use now!” 

· “ ‘I AM’ DEMANDING this violet flame decree purify & dissolve NOW any obstacles in my path for my financial security & independence now!” 

· “ ‘I AM’ a Violet Flame magnet of money, gold and jewels from the limitless Supply of heaven in LOVE of the Great Central Sun ‘I AM’ Christ Heart! 

· “In the name of the Great ‘I AM’ Presence I DEMAND the release of the riches, treasures and wealth of God to come to me freely now and forever!” 

· Remember twice a day until “lucky” abundance comes forth to hold image of nickel (in your Mind) turning into money, gold, silver & jewels for your good use WITH color of Violet Flames surrounding nickel and gold coin pictured above. Send intense LOVE with inner FEELING to the Great ‘I AM’ Presence of God for your future abundance to come quickly and freely! Send forth gratitude for life & for the Source of all that is good and enjoyable for self & loved ones to share opulently! 

· Carry ‘lucky nickel with you always, or place in ‘blessed’ water in glass in sunshine, praying that the Light of God of the Radiant Sun of Power of Abundance MULTIPLY prosperity and financial blessing for you and all who need it! 

· “I AM the visual manifestation of the opulence I desire!” 

· “I AM the “Presence” producing abundance wherever I choose to use it!” 

· “I AM the Governing Presence, governing in perfect Divine Order, commanding harmony, happiness, and the Presence of God’s Opulence in my mind, my home, and my world!” 

· “I AM, I AM, I know I AM the use of God’s limitless Opulence!” 

Faster results with image of violet flame maintained in Mind and Consciousness, continual loving of Higher Self: Mighty I AM Presence. 

Attempt as best as possible to follow Divine Will in your life, living qualities as LOVE, LIGHT, FORGIVENESS, TRUTH, FREEDOM, KINDNESS, TOLERANCE, PATIENCE, RESPECT & PEACE! 

Source: Angelic Gift of Love from 2012 end time ‘messenger’ Daniel: ( | | 

Place lucky coin over Violet Star of David below, place lit candle over top…