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Vision of changing the world for peace, healing for Ascension of Earth through focused, synchronized Thought Intent Issuance, invocation and prayerful meditation”

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Dear reader,

Welcome to World Peace Prayer Vision (.org)!

You are about to read a historically unheard of vision using modern technology of the Internet with the incredible and enormous potential of the billions of  mobile phones globally in use today with the vision of how exactly we are going to mobilize enough human souls collectively worldwide to raise the “Thought Grid Consciousness” of the entire Earth bringing peace, loving, healing thoughts to a planet right now in desperate need NOW as we approach the imminent and historic year 2012 prophetic earth changes, global economic breakdown and spiritual ascension era as the sister site: EndTimeProphet2012.com explains in greater detail.

This website mission is a grandiose and ambitious calling and plan for future world peace, unity, harmony, greater love, healing and prosperity using the Internet as a powerful tool as you can read briefly in this Author’s Introduction more about this message and website mission and motives.

Organized, daily synchronized mass prayers, decrees, invocations and meditations with ultimate goal of quickly reaching ONE BILLION + people, collectively, worldwide through the medium of the Internet and the 5 BILLION mobile phones used globally on a continual, regular, daily basis expanding outward in concerted effort from now into 2012 and beyond.

Naturally the critics, naysayers and skeptics would call this plan “delusional.”

We must not listen to the negative voices of doubt.

Imagine reaching out to a COOL ONE BILLION PEOPLE around the globe instantaneously, collectively synchronized with unity in prayer?

Mobile phone technology!

You see, the mobile industry is for all intent and purposes in it’s infancy and is currently untapped by the major advertisers and big players of the industry, yet with so much unheard of, enormous potential!

What would this ambitious global plan cost, originating from this humble website vision?

Well, at a billion clicks per week, at 2 cents per click on a mobile phone ad once per week with prayer instructions, decrees and affirmations (including overhead) it would cost about $10 million dollars per week to implement such a plan. Because of the sharing, viral nature of social media and the Internet these numbers would multiply.

Now, if this goal seems too unrealistic as though fantasy, let us trim this number to 10 million active world peace & ascension prayerful meditators per week. Sound more reasonable? Do you understand and grasp the collective power of 10 MILLION separate individuals all focused with proper love, light healing Intent, all specifically TIMED at an exact hour once or three times per day, every day?

To reach 10 million mobile phone people prayers per week = $100,000 per week, or a measly $5 million per year. For goodness sakes, many singular individuals make that in a month!

It would only take one charity, church or philanthropist to donate, say, $100 million total. This would be billions upon billions of mobile impressions and prayers for world peace and ascension for those who clicked on ads as we approach the prophetic “ascension” date of December 2012.

This is certainly within our grasp! It is a viable and realistic visionary dream we could put into reality! The sky is truly the limit, when we think about it by expanding what is truly possible here on earth and it can spread very rapidly worldwide with proper media coverage.

As we approach the prophetic year 2012 with such vast interest about these prophecies of the 2012 date, the timing is now right to initiate such a venture to bring about change in global consciousness towards ascension!

A mere one dollar donation made through this charity-donations fund page or by clicking on the “donate” button below will permit almost 1000 individuals to receive inspirational, properly timed text messages prompted directly to their mobile phones and spread across the Internet (virally) to engage in collectively organized and instructed World Peace Prayer Special, powerful and newly revealed Invocations & meditation!

If only $1 can go this far, then $10=10,000 separate selfless souls praying all simultaneously, or even 50,000!

Now, the above is actually a very conservative number. A mere $10 can actually result in 1,000’s of readers participating through “viral” social network spreading such as email sharing, twitter or facebook.

We must reach a (acheivable & realistic) goal of signing up *10 Million* individual prayerful meditators joined together on a weekly basis (Sundays), and do so in a short period of time. As in by sometime late next year, 2012.

Time is running out.

Now, briefly about the dreamer and creator of this idea and motives:

Since 1998 on the Internet this author, Daniel Eli, has donated thus far 15,000+ hours of research, website development, writing and editing pages and a spiritual awakening autobiography, (all true, but hard for most to believe because of certain claims of identity which causes the average to assume, “false prophet!” Or, “delusion!” Naturally this kind of persecution, accusations and ridicule is to be expected and is a perfectly understandable initial reaction) currently free to read online, as a self-sacrifice with very, very little monetary compensation at all for these massive, time consuming efforts.

While just turning 40 years old in April 2011, I have – by deliberate choice and ultimate calling – lived well under the poverty level for all of this adult life for the past 20 years, exchanging possible monetary reward and social standing in high ranking careers or potential financial riches for the choosing of a spiritual path, which tends to be in opposition in many ways to the ways of the Creator, as statements from the Bible indicate.

The reader may wonder why would someone choose to live in poverty and dead-end jobs and why ask  readers across the Internet for charitable proceeds to help run a website and organizational fund to spread the word and implement such an unbelievable plan?

Why do most “saints” and (those that are true!) “prophets” as this subject themselves to a life of utter simplicity and renunciation like monks and nuns in monasteries do, and was why Jesus was a “lowly” blue collar worker until becoming “unemployed” with the issuance of his ministry?

The temptation period after my dramatic spiritual ascension of 1999 took place where I simply KNEW I was not to “get rich” off my writings (at least in a materialistic sense) or projects.

However, the mistake made for several years until this new, 2011 and beyond, incredibly ambitious calling and “mission” to singlehandedly take on the world was ignoring the Idea of the Law of Attraction, popularized by “The Secret” and trying to single handedly “change the world.” Yet I am not “THE” Messiah nor God the Creator of the Universe.

This is a no holds barred, courageous, “take no prisoners” and “give-em-hell” mission to reach out to thousands across the world – then, as expected in due time with hard work and networking – millions of participants, using the Internet as a grassroots beginning platform for organization.

This kind of project and will must by necessity involve “energy exchange” or otherwise known as “money” and the flow of which, God willing, will manifest very abundantly as word spreads to the proper channels, charities, philanthropists, corporations and individual donors worldwide.

Now, it must be stressed strongly that what financial accumulations come as a result of these extended efforts to “manifest destiny” of earth, rest assured they will be taken care of by the proper people who I will insist, be ethical, honest and forthright in their dealings and handling of these funds.

Jesus – according to the gospels – stated:

You cannot serve God and wealth.”

Why do so many people imagine God is about getting filthy rich?

Jesus also stated,

It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God/heaven.”

I refuse to allow money to corrupt my ultimate motives, which of course are pure and impeccable. Whenever money and the divine mix, there is the potential for corruption, unless the money received is in accordance with perpetuating God‘s will.

After years of spiritual growth, I managed to lower superficial desires and wants to the degree of bare necessity, which the Father/Mother would always provide.

Understand then, that as long as there is minimal food in the stomach and something to wear, the rest of human, materialistic “pleasures” are a poison and impediment to growth and spiritual attainment of the highest order.

It is said that the highest attainment is when one perceives a stone to be “equal” in value to a brick of gold.

This is what the book of Revelation talks about when Jesus stated, “To he who overcometh…I will give him an iron rod to rule nations.” And what Edgar Cayce stated, “He who overcomes self is worth more than the world!”

My friends, I have genuinely overcome all the temptations of the flesh; the desires, the wants, the addictions, the cravings, the attachments, etc. (Even celibate since 1994!)

However, due to this historic and ambitious calling as described on this website, which I intend to maintain with absolute focus regardless of possibility of success or failure, it will be necessary to reach out; to network; to seek out money not for the sake of “getting rich” as though from the motive of attached “greed” or profit motive, but instead as a Divine, cosmic, “action facilitating, spiritual energy exchange.”

This “energy exchange” from generous donors is to be used mostly, I envision, as a platform to build (or join already established) a spiritually-minded collective community or eco-village, not unlike an old hippy commune, which may or may not be self-sufficient, in the USA where we shall gather consciously awakened incarnated “Lightworkers” to either live full time as residents or as lay residents.

The main purpose would be to engage in prayerful meditation, decrees and chanting to collectively issue massive energies to the rest of the earth, thereby healing with divine sustenance, divine Love, radiance vibratory frequencies, power through conscious focus of unified Mind, thereby MULTIPLYING by a massive, historically unprecedented decree never before known or possible, the ascension of the very dimensional state of the 3rd dimensional earth as we progress toward what is known as “Galactic consciousness.”

I envision a collective of such groups globally uniting together, properly synchronized for Timely Transformation of the very destiny of the course of history and fate of the planet itself.

From the Christian perspective, this is also known as the Day of the Lord or coming of the “son of man.” My friends, I have SEEN this event of the future, and it is not, as most Bible believers into “end times” prophecy imagine, a physically appearing Jesus in the physical atmosphere!

Now back to profit and motive.

Money itself is not “evil” but it IS necessary, at present in our free-market society, to simply survive and supply at least the BASICS of physical needs such as food, shelter, running water, transportation and clothing. Because I am not the Creator in the flesh, I cannot (yet at least) do as Jesus did according to the Bible and multiply food for the 1 billion hungry souls on earth who go malnourished.

Now, the materialistic minded individual, so corrupted by greed and wealth, passing worldly, vain possessions like cars, big screen televisions and iPods will not ever consciously understand this renouncing state of mind and being.

Remember that none of us take our bank accounts or possessions with us after physical death, or ascension/resurrection/liberation. The only thing that remains is your very soul. Ultimately it is THAT what truly counts, whether one is a billionaire or a $2 per day wage earner in Bangladesh.

Goal of facilitating the raising of consciousness and mental frequencies to aid in dimensional ascension of planet earth by dispelling and transmuting dark, negative discordant thoughts in the collective “Mind Grid” of earth and among it’s inhabitants resulting in greater and greater peace. This dark energy transmutation by the Light is also being directed at the “evil” participants of the Old Order, to once and for all eliminate their powerful, lustful and greedy sinister plans.

Co-creative effort to mobilize for Critical Mass to reach Zero Point Energy in conjunction with divine intervention to be multiplied by participating incarnated and celestial angelic hosts and all Lightworkers, healers, activists, ascendant consciousness accelerators and various spiritual masters aware of this historic project.

Now, there will come a day here on earth where the entire monetary system will utterly collapse, currency, with the banking system and governments as we know it come to an end. It is essentially certain, as this is written, to be a massive, upcoming total collapse of the economic system as we have know it for decades or centuries previously. The initial resulting chaos is bound to cause physical discomfort among those who have dome nothing to prepare the coming calamities.

The above is the reason one must prepare to survive the worst case scenario, should this promised ascension fail to materialize, of a total economic and even civilizational collapse with a die off of 90% of the global population with a generation or so.

Indeed this process of collapse of the Old Order has already begun and will only continue indefinitely as we reach “Peak Everything” (Exponential compound growth as Peak Oil, peak population, peak global warming, peak pollution, peak debt, etc.).

Unfortunately, the majority are still consciously and spiritually in the dark, oblivious, unaware and unprepared for what is coming, both financially, physically, societally and as hard as this idea is to believe in or emotionally accept, being in a “rational, scientific” technology-based society as ours, an actual dimensional ascension of the entire earth with all life and souls on it.

Therefore, should you be one who is motivated to do an “energy exchange transfer” to ensure this dream is fulfilled, then do the right thing and make a donation to assist in what will be a historic gathering, calling and mission being orchestrated here, right now as the world so desperately requires loving thought, healing thought, radiant angelic energies to cast away the Old Order and bring in the ongoing and upcoming “Revolution in Consciousness” observed worldwide.

Note that this is not strictly a “religious” or dogmatic organizational effort limited to creeds or sects. It involves the entire planetary population.

Join us now as we collective co-create destiny on earth and help today! It will not be in vain.

This is in a sense “tithing” for non-profit pursuits. What you give out to the universe will ultimately come back to you in some way (minimum 3 times), whether it be materially while still on the earth, heavenly destinations in the afterlife and it is an immutable divine law of cause and effect.

“What goes around comes around.”

Remember that soon, God willing, we shall no longer even money!

“Imagine the vision of one BILLION globally synchronized, five minute daily meditative Prayers for World Peace via timed mobile phone message ad displays!”

Therefore, should  you wish to support financially please write the author an email for contact details. Contact also should the reader know of potential very large sponsors, donors, organizations to assist in this project! Send email if serious and we can talk over the phone.

Remember that in the coming “world” money will no longer be valued or used as it currently is used as it will be unnecessary.

In fact, as we speak the entire global financial, monetary and banking system is destined to collapse very shortly. Indeed has already begun.

How can one place a price tag on raising of consciousness of the entire globe, initiating the long-promised “kingdom of God” with peace and harmony on earth forevermore?

It actually may be an acceleration of monetary “Cash flow” into selfless, spiritual callings as this that ultimately permits the collapse of the discordant, “evil” and greedy banking cartels and elite corporate global interests.

Bank Account currently set up through PayPal where one can donate as desired at button below…


P.S. Do not be afraid or concerned, this author has been a stable, long-time reliable mainstay on the Internet, since 1998 and not some fly-by-night con artist.

On a grassroots level, this website may eventually be, God willing, a conglomeration of the “best of the best” prayer-meditation-world peace websites and hopefully a gathering for sincere, faith-filled “lightworkers” who wish to do their part in creating a better world, but may not have money or skills to contribute. You can contribute by linking to it or sending it to a friend or family member or subscribe.



Benefit from legal tax motive is “Intangible religious benefits.” (World Peace Prayer Vision – Fictitious Business # 2011-0000799 filed June 2, 2011 Butte county, CA) (Note: apparently one cannot be an individual with a fictitious name and be tax-exempt on the federal level. Until federal tax exemption is granted, donations are NOT tax-deductible at present and still technically from legal standpoint, “for profit.” Reality is of course, “not-for-profit.”)



As of this writing, June 8, 2011, this website creator and author is seeking out an expert, experienced marketing Mentor or Guru who can assist, pro bono, with this historic calling as I seek out new ideas on how to make this grand vision actually work and go global. The following is what was posted in a classified ad on Craigslist:

Need divinely minded, “pro bono” guru/mentor assistance/coach to guide and creatively minded volunteers immediately for modern messenger’s spiritually minded “calling” using Internet and mobile “marketing” to spread messages of prayer and peace healing and raising of global consciousness related to prophetic date of 2012.

Determined to stay the course until the end.

Desperately seeking individuals skilled, professional and knowledgeable about Internet website design, social marketing, mobile marketing, how to make project “global” within fast period (within 1  years) using possible influence of celebrities, religious organizations and/or leaders.

Existent vision but unclear of how to start or organize ambitious plan which will continue until late 2012. Related to popular and much discussed spiritual ascension, 2012 prophecies, global peace & consciousness.

While technically “not-for-profit” author is financially poor and requires special someone who can guide me to proper connections with possible donors or philanthropists to support this important cause and who may already understand that it is US collectively who can make the difference and will not be centered around a singular individual. This must be a full time pursuit for me and possibly others, but not enough time remaining to legally register as “non-profit.”

Website stating grand vision, motives, cause and method laid out at:

Related to imminent year 2012 prophetic issues at creator’s sister site:

Also related to author’s original decade long stated identity and “messianic” mission at:

Contact please for further details. Creator still brainstorming for ideas. Only serious need apply, as this is no joke.