Favorite Vanquishing Ritual

Prayerful Decree to Banish Dark Lords of the Universe

A lot of Ascended Masters are powerful deceivers. Protect yourself with this decree:

I AM subjecting the Dark Lords to punishment and banishment by invoking the powerful name of YAHWEH over and above all else THIS MOMENT.

Physical and Emotional I AM Decree Healing for Self

Obviously you should be in tip top shape in personal health, before wanting to engage in macro-healing for planet earth. So, on this page and in this video are powerful ‘I AM‘ decrees to use for individual healing. Please watch … Continue reading

The Lord’s Prayer — Jesus — Bible — Recited by Daniel

World Famous prayer, The Lord’s Prayer. Repeated BILLIONS of times since its inception two millennia ago, the Lord’s Prayer is a mainstay in Biblical Christianity and is a prayer which pretty much “sums up” the basis of prayer to God-head. … Continue reading

Powerful Ancient of Days World Peace Decree

Ancient of Days World Peace and 12-21-2012 Ascension Decree. Before telling you this decree so you can read with your own eyes and decree with your own mouth, I hope you will read this Ancient of Days page at my … Continue reading

‘I AM’ Decrees for World Peace and Ascension

The following are specially worded decrees of power made by Daniel Eli, author of this website, www.WorldPeacePrayerVision.org, most effective for 2012 personal AND global spiritual ascension and energetic raising of healing frequencies and consciousness world wide. Full-length 24 min. video … Continue reading

The Aum Meditation Method for World Peace, Ascension and Healing

Aum meditation, healing prayer technique for world, global earth peace and ascension: (Condensed version, from Yogananda P.) The world’s great religions state that all created things originate in the cosmic vibratory energy of the sacred, cosmic sound, Aum or Amen. … Continue reading

The Violet Flame decree. World Peace Decree.

Given by ascended master Saint Germain. For yourself and for world peace! Please use the following decree at the times listed at the home website, www.worldpeaceprayervision.org There exists a simple decree one can engage in for spiritual purposes, similar to … Continue reading