The Aum Meditation Method for World Peace, Ascension and Healing

Aum meditation, healing prayer technique for world, global earth peace and ascension:
(Condensed version, from Yogananda P.)

The world’s great religions state that all created things originate in the cosmic vibratory energy of the sacred, cosmic sound, Aum or Amen. The omnipresent sound of Aum faithfully testifies to the running of the “Cosmic Motor,” which upholds all life and every particle of creation through vibratory energy. It can also be known as “the Word” of the Bible.

At any time on the “:20” after the hour, 6:20 AM to 6:20 PM until 12-21-2012, do the following, chanting with sacred reverence and loving respect, “Aum … Aum … Aum” out loud. Inhale deeply, chanting Aum while exhaling. Do this for a few minutes while sitting down, feet uncrossed, firmly planted on floor with back erect.

Take several deep breaths, inhaling slowly, holding in for 10 seconds, then exhaling slowly until relaxed and at one with the Creative, omnipresent Life Force. Imagine the energy flowing upwards throughout the entire body, from feet to the top of the head. Picture your entire body surrounded by a large tube of white and violet light, expanding 3 feet outwards, rising above the head. Repeat the following:

“Heavenly Father, Thou art omnipresent; Thou art in all Thy children; manifest Thy healing presence in the bodies of those who need healing.”

Stand up straight with hands together palms facing, rubbing in a circular motion while chanting “AUM … AUM …AUM” out loud, eyes closed. Say it with devotion and intent, imagining healing energies building and rising upwards from the feet through the heart then into the arms and hands while rubbing together and chanting for 30 seconds. When doing so, mentally feel that the healing vibrations are flowing out of your hands to those in need of healing.

Repeat above technique using Aum with SOULS of those who need healing.”

Then chat Aum again with “MINDS of those who need healing.”

Next, to issue forth powerful healing energies to other humans around the globe, or to the Earth herself, with upraised hands, chant “Aum” once more, sending healing vibrations of peace and harmony while looking at a map, picture or image of the planet. Rub the palms together repeating Aum, then shake off the arms and hands to the sides and forward, imagining healing energy issued outwards to all souls, cities and nations in need as you exhale.

Then thank the Creator, Father-God (In Jesus-Immanuel’s name) for hearing and answering your prayers using the sacred Aum frequency.

For good results, play and listen to “Aum” chanting Youtube video before, during or after chanting Aum. It will get you in the right tone and mood.

Since November 20, 2012

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