June 9 update: Observable “signs and wonders” after Sunday Prayers, weather wise

June 9, 2011 Update.

After publicly issuing the Ancient of Days declaration and decree on the Internet in early May, 2011, I said to those who invoked this decree to “watch the weather” in the coming weeks, as I said it would be radically altered.

Behold, for 2 – 3 following weeks in late May, immediately afterwards, the weather in my city of Chico California was continually and radically altered with cold, almost winter time temperatures, dense clouds, and on one day, vicious tornadoes.

Remember this is a normally sunny, mild and calm area of the country.

My apartment neighbor Paul, who is interested in “end time” Biblical prophecies, was amazed at what was happening and came out of his apartment outside, saying to me,

“Daniel, this is crazy! I think this is the ascension you have been talking about … It is the wrath of God or something!”

He knew nothing of this new Ancient of Days decree and declaration.

This was a very powerful series of events and days during May, 2011.

Of course, the critics, skeptics and naysayer would attempt to “explain away” such phenomenon as “coincidence” but they just have their head in the sand. For those who do believe and maintain faith, certain “signs and wonders” will be observed at the global level.

DO NOT underestimate the power of God to work here on earth!

Now, if you are one who experiences some “miraculous” effects or bodily sensations (such as on the third eye or top of head) while engaging in these Sunday evening prayer-meditations at this website, send an email declaring your testimony, or the method you used and it shall be added it to this page! Also, WATCH the news and weather for your region and around the world, as you surely shall notice dramatic effects occur in due time…Especially as we gather more to this website for these weekly prayers.

Furthermore, as the World Peace Prayer Vision website project has just begun, I have been TANGIBLY “sensing” or perceiving vast, clearly divine energy emanating out from the body, and now when going out in public people have been acting and reacting unusually strange around me.

It’s working…

Now, the reader may wonder, “Well, isn’t this about bringing “peace” and not the wrath of God?”

Now when I stated on May 5th that we wanted to divinely bring “peace on earth” do not imagine that this means instantaneous “pleasant” experiences.

We all want instant gratification in our society. As if we are all entitled to instant, perpetual  “happiness” and we all want to imagine God is “good” (as in only “pleasant” feelings) and anything like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. to be “bad” and therefore “of the devil.”

Yet the insurance industry attributes natural disasters to God. (As an “act of God.”) Not “the devil.”

Also understand that before “peace” comes, historically and scripturally, there must first be the “birth pangs” of destruction and purification.

For instance, is a set of push ups done to failure “good,” or “bad?” We all may imagine that it would be “good,” right?

Yet this set of push ups will actually be “painful” and NOT “feel good.”

Likewise an economic recession to most people is considered to be “bad” because of less money and jobs, yet it is through an economic downturn (painful sensation) that the seeds of future growth are planted (good).

In a selfishly materialistic society we imagine abundance of money and possessions and “abundance” to be “good.”

Yet the Western financial system such as banking (excessive interest charging for instance)  is actually “evil” according to God, and it therefore would NOT be a “good” thing nor divine will for such a system to persevere indefinitely.

So, a total and utter financial and economic COLLAPSE of that system according to God is actually a “good” thing. Yet greedy, short-sighted and selfish materialistic-minded humans perceive a collapse/depression to be something “bad,” because it causes them pain or “discomfort.”

In the Bible one of the prophets causes Egypt to go through several years of drought, then several years of rain and plenty.

The years of drought, when viewed narrowly, would be viewed as “bad” to the average person, right? Well, it was the Lord’s will that this be done. The prophet was NOT invoking a “devil” to cause the drought, but acting as an agent of God.

Furthermore, an instantaneous healing, we all like to imagine, “should” feel “good” or “pleasurable.” Yet in reality such a healing will actually at times feel very physically PAINFUL. Yet we can all agree universally that the healing is “good.” (And therefore attributed to God.)

Some people imagine that change from the status quo to be “bad.” Yet in God’s universe, change is a constant.

When people look to prophets or angels for “hope” they imagine it only involves perpetuation of our failing capitalist economic system which rewards materialistic pleasure, debt accumulation, instant sense gratification and ever-increasing technological and scientific advances.

Yet in reality the message of hope can only come AFTER a total collapse and destruction of the economic political and military system, way of things and Old Order.

We imagine that praying for lower gas prices is “good” yet in reality it is NOT Divine Will that Gas prices be lowered, but rather a selfish, short term human desire.

The Truth hurts.

People want only to hear of the “good” or what seems “pleasant” and people listen to the “love and lighters” while ignoring reality, history, trends and cycles.

We all want peace on earth, do we not? Of course we do. Before such peace can arrive however, I should have stated before,  must first come the “destruction” and “birth pangs.” This is just “the way it is” and it is a natural part of the ebb and flow of history.

Remember, God is not all about rainbows, cute fluffy kittens and butterflies.

God is an earthquake.

Therefore do not necessarily expect immediate, instantaneous gratification or overnight “pleasant” effects  from such declarations. When a statement such as “peace coming immediately upon earth,” a caveat or warning should have been given that first it must involve some pain or “suffering.”

A true teacher does not flatter you with promising words or pleasantries, telling you only what you want to hear, but tells the truth which often  initially causes discomfort…not “pleasure.”

Keep in mind also that when people are praying in this collective group established at the new world peace website,  we are “transmuting” vast “negative karma” on earth and in the atmosphere, hence the great weather disturbances over my city directly or indirectly attributed to me somehow. I am not “deliberately” causing this, but rather I am “absorbing” negative energies and thought patterns from other humans and attempting to convert these into “light.” These atmospheric side effects are not because of “evil” intent, but rather the absorption and transmutation of “evil” or negative energies by my own body and being. In other words, I am sacrificing my own self and well being for the betterment of humanity.

We can conquer evil not through curses and violence, but through higher Love.


June 9 update: Observable “signs and wonders” after Sunday Prayers, weather wise — 1 Comment

  1. Today (June 19, 2011) is a Sunday prayer day. My husband and I had spent the whole morning running around in the heat in our home town of Miami, Florida, so after lunch I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, we were within the prayer time (3 P.M. Eastern time.) I started the prayer lying down and fell back asleep. When I woke up again close to 4:30, a thunderstorm was in progress. The thunderstorm had been forecast several days ago and is normal for this time of year here. However, this storm was unlike any I have experienced in the 38 years I have lived in Miami. To wit, normally one hears thunder from time to time. In this storm, the (mostly distant) rumble of thunder has been absolutely constant. I have been listening to it for almost three-quarters of an hour, and the storm shows no sign of letup.
    Marjory K.