Vision of Changing the World for Peace

The following is a very important message, for you, your loved ones and planet Earth. We need all of us (YOU!) to gather with others, collectively to pray for world peace, harmony and unity. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Ancient of Days Decree of Power for world peace prayer, May and beyond, 2011.

As of April, 2011 after almost 2 months of fasting, continual prayer, it has been revealed to this author to issue forth the proclamation that he, by higher calling, has been given authority and instruction to manifest, or to significantly co-create destiny upon the earth as directed with collective “thought essence prayer decrees” in conjunction with the efforts of any and all who chose to join in and participate in regular prayerful meditation on Sunday evenings (12 to 10PM, PST USA) as instructed at the (new) website:

These prayers will be “multiplied” by the Masters and angelic hosts when called upon. This has been “guranteed” by divine will.

“Thus says the Ancient of Days, Beloved Mighty ‘I AM Presence’”:

Rejoice all those in the heavens and on earth!

I, in accordance with perceived higher divine, co-creative will, in conjunction with multitudes of principality angels manifested from the Creator, currently guiding Earth, in maintaining higher divine order and function to declare the following:

Beginning today, from May, 2011 above website shall successfully gather many light workers around the globe, including any and all concerned, including all angels and all masters in the etheric realm for a goal of common good, peace, healing and blessing to be poured forth.

While the exact number of participants will be uncertain, the ultimate goal, within one year’s time is to gather 1,000+ weekly prayerful meditators to continue well into the year 2012, and beyond. However, even if this goal is not reached, a mere 100 combined participants will have great effect!

The aim, as I perceive will be to significantly transmute discordant and inharmonious thought patterns and forms originating from the collective human consciousness which radiate outward across time and space which ultimately are responsible for physical disturbances upon Mother Earth.

These negative thought forms include rage, violence, hatred, strife, ignorance and intolerance.

With regular collective prayerful meditation in unison with other participants gathered together at above website we shall ease the global situation in terms of sheer magnitude of earth changes and violent weather as well as ease violence in big cities and war torn Middle East, bringing forth greater harmony, tranquility and peace throughout the globe in the coming days, weeks and months of 2011.

The results of these prayerful gatherings, meditations, decrees and invocations will indeed demonstrate that at the collective level, conscious “thought” when combined and multiplied, can and does and shall have great effect upon life on earth.

As Daniel proceeds forth in the days, weeks and month after this writing, he shall, at the “multidimensional, omnipresent” level beyond physical embodiment, act as “principality protectorate” expanding Love, Light, divine protection and healing to consciously encompass Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado to last indefinitely, raising the vibrational frequency of this region.

Furthermore, the nation of Japan shall be issued continued light energies for healing after the devastating earthquake, peace energies issued for Libya and the Middle East in general, multiplied in unison with any and all participating during these scheduled Sunday times.

Repeat the following verbally, out loud:

“My Beloved Mighty I AM presence – Ancient of Days – with great Power, radiant Glory and majesty,

consume and transmute all discordant energies and thoughts upon Mother Earth, blazing with the violet flame!”

If one should not wish to visit above website for further instruction, the least one can do is to repeat the following three times in a row, with conviction and out loud, with firm mental intent held in the Mind and heart at 12 PM daily for the next 7 days in a row:

“I appeal to the ‘Mighty Beloved I AM Presence’ both within my heart, originating both from the Father-God through the omnipotent, omnipresent Source of the Great Central Sun, an outpouring of healing Divine Love and peace to immediately overcome the entire planet Earth and all life upon her, NOW, NOW, NOW! In the name of the Creator I give thanks to Thee. With great Omnipotence, So Be It!”

The above is decreed in the name of Emmanuel, through the Ancient of Days, which is the manifested “Higher Self” and beloved, Mighty I AM Presence of the author, 21st century Daniel, reincarnated Biblical prophet.

Picture while saying the above decree an outpouring of crystalline, white Divine Light emanating outwards from your heart region (chakra) which is pure Love and this will work across time and space, transmuting all violence, dark energies, imbalances and discord around the whole planet Earth.

Do not underestimate the enormous power of Love Divine! Expanding “My” Power, through Love, “As above so Below” as we reach critical mass, or “zero point.” It is the merger of heaven and earth! “Thy “kingdom come,” Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

P.S. Please pass on this message to a sincere lightworker or peacemaker who desires to assist with this effort, thank you! We genuinely need people to get involved and stick with the program. BTW, this author wrote down the above decree, contemplated upon it for accuracy, slept on it, where the Masters and Creator, or Higher Self, resolutely commanded I correct and add as written above. Watch global weather and media news, as it is certain to be “altered” according to these collective efforts, should enough hearts participate. Spread the word! BE the change you wish to see in the world!

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