The Violet Flame decree. World Peace Decree.

Given by ascended master Saint Germain. For yourself and for world peace!

Please use the following decree at the times listed at the home website,

There exists a simple decree one can engage in for spiritual purposes, similar to a mantra, called the violet flame/fire. It was given in 1930 by the Ascended Master St. Germain. It is very easy to memorize, and here are a few decrees one can use every day as well for divine assistance and spiritual growth as well as to aid in sending out powerful divine energies worldwide for peace.

It uses intent and imagery (imagining the body and surroundings being immersed in violet-colored flames) and repetition, said out loud with faith and verbal confidence, meaning and force.

This decree has the power to transform one’s being over time. It has the effect of transmuting negative energy in your body into a body of light, and burning off negative past karma. It is said that this violet flame decree repeated 15 minutes a day for six months burns off one full lifetime of karma (and all traces of “sin”). It is said to empower and give prosperity. For best results, say this 15 minutes, three times per day for self and the world. Eventually, it is said to make one become a “perfected” ascended master!

First, begin your daily divine communion with a minimum five-minute prayer to your “Higher Self” through the Christ, to the Father-God, omnipresent, omniscient and all-pervasive. First get in a praising, devotional and honoring mood, humbling oneself before the Presence of Magnificence. Ask the Father-God to give you guidance for the day during your spiritual communion with Him and for insight, healing and wisdom and peace to come throughout the day, to yourself, others and the earth. Be sure to close the prayer with a verbal affirmation of thanks to God for listening to and answering your prayer.

Before saying the decree every day, make a plea to the Ascended Master Omri-Tas to multiply the power of the decree by ten times. He promised he would do this.

Do the following: First pray to your Higher Self:

“Higher Self, allow me today to know the full benefit of this violet fire decree.

“Thank you, Jesus-Yeshua-Immanuel, for protecting me with your Light.

“I hereby invoke Prince Archangel Michael to protect me from harm during and after this decree to allow the light to penetrate and darkness stay out from my presence! Michael, help me! Help me! Help me!”

Invoke it in the names of God: I AM THAT I AM – YHVH (Yaweh) – Immanuel – Jesus – ELOHIM; it descends as a beam of spiritual energy and bursts into a spiritual flame in your heart as the qualities of mercy, joy, peace, LOVE, forgiveness, justice, freedom, LIFE and transmutation.

Repeat the following short decree over and over out loud, with conviction, 15 minutes a day or more (while driving, walking, sitting, lying in bed, etc.):

I AM a being of violet fire!

I AM the purity God desires!

Now, to increase effectiveness, enter words like your city, loved family member, friend, co-worker or the entire earth into the decree. Make something up and be creative with these decrees, as it is not written in stone! For instance, enter the “earth” for healing:

“The EARTH is in the violet fire!”

“The EARTH is purity in God’s desire!”

Now for healing of “Japan” (after the earthquake for healing there) or “Libya” or “Iraq” or “Middle East,” insert the names of those nations into the violet flame decree as follows, said out loud with intent and faith, imagining the violet fire flowing throughout:

“MIDDLE EAST is in the violet fire!”

“MIDDLE EAST is the purity in God’s desire!”


“Japan is in the violet fire!”

“Japan is the purity in God’s desire!”

Now hold the picture of the earth held within the violet consuming flame, with the blue protective Light of the archangels and Ascended Masters spinning around it.

See the dissolving and consuming power of this Radiant Light reducing or even eliminating everything on earth that is of war, discord and of the darkness.

See all impurity, all imperfection, all disease drawn within this Light, taken out of existence everywhere, forever!

Focus and expand your Mind and Consciousness while saying the decree on this picture of the earth…


To learn more about the Violet Consuming Flame, Saint Germain and the ascended Masters, go to the “correct” location and bypass all other sources:

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