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World Peace Vision & Earth 2012 (Mayan related) Ascension Now!

Welcome, as we head into the final weeks of 2012 until the “end of time” as we know it, related to the author’s 2-21-2012.
(Not the “end of the world” just “as we know it.”)

11 minute video of Daniel introducing mission and calling of WPPV.

30 day countdown to 2012 end of the world prayer meditation

Make a “30 day PLEDGE” to co-operate with the ascendant host and angels to bring about rapid, dramatic change within yourself and upon planet Earth!

world peace ascension 2012 prayer meditation

What a beautiful and colorful planet this is, as shown above from space. Let us make it a much more succulently vibrant place of ascendant Light for all, including yourself, friends and family, not to mention your country.


Website mission:

“Ultimate goal & historic calling of gathering participants in collectively synchronized, timed prayers, invocations and decrees on a regular hourly basis initiating a profound, tangible & observable transformation of planetary consciousness into prophetic year of the end of 2012.”

Long term achievable vision & goal: Ascension of planet earth into the 5th, heavenly dimension. (Follow Twitter unified on a daily basis worldwide.)

“Critical World Peace and ascension calling through expansion and evolution of Divine Consciousness, Will and intervention multiplied through energetically organized activism and collective group prayerful meditation for global healing, peace, unity and Oneness 2012 & beyond.”

“If the masses were to do this, it would set up a vibration of goodness that would be powerful enough to change the world.” Sri Daya Mata

Mobilizing toward a critical mass of elevated consciousness on a weekly, DAILY & HOURLY basis for the foreseeable future up to the prophetic date of 12-21-2012 as routine participation for peace and healing on earth as we collectively transmute hatred, violence and discord with higher frequencies of divine love, light, harmony and tranquility towards a state of global transcendent ascension and New Reality.

Prayer for escalating world earth ascension for 2012

Currently, the amount of energetic prayers is INSUFFICIENT to globally ascend planet earth entirely by 12-21 and she now needs divine, collective assistance to push us over the edge, across time and space, to zero point.

We MUST act now gathered together with as many as possible if WE wish to ascend in LOVE along with the rest of our fellow human beings by 12-21-2012!

Participate and join others now for this ambitious gathering with collective, synchronized global healing prayer energies put forth with decrees, invocations and meditations as we do our part in guiding, raising and co-creating planetary consciousness

The raising of conscious vibrations & frequencies of our “thoughts” multiplied, unified and focused with intent along with multitudes of separate individuals together can directly influence, affect and alter the very course of history and destiny of the future both for yourself as an individual and as a collective upon events upon the whole planet earth through a cascading “butterfly effect.”

world peace prayer baby

All walks of life, including Light workers, healers and concerned souls, are welcome to participate with others in this historic worldwide prayer-circle at  specific hourly times on a  DAILY and even HOURLY basis.

The specific times one must (or “should”) prayerfully meditate is beginning at the stroke of 2-21-2012 at which point earth Ascension takes place as prophesied. Please attempt to co-ordinate prayers for 5 to 10 minute segments (of your choice in timing and quantity) beginning at this :20 after the hour phenomenon, which can be explained further at .

:20 after hour prayer meditation timing

Assist and restore the earth towards greater peace and harmony, thereby transmuting chaos, hatred, discord, darkness and frequencies of death and disease in coming year as related to various Year 2012 prophetic utterances at related Sister Site as we globally reach “critical mass” or Zero Point at an exponentially accelerating rate according to the Hundredth Monkey concept.

Want to change the world for greater peace with love and through collective prayer & meditation in a consciousness-raising global group?

It is suggested to first do the well-known Lord’s Prayer followed by these these Warm Up Prayer instructions followed by the effective techniques such as the AUM meditation, the Violet Flame ascended master decree and the newly revealed, potentially powerful soon-to-be-famous Ancient of Days decree for World Peace and Ascension.


Violet flame decrees for world ascension and peace<P>

Violet flames from the Divine Sacred Heart of the Great Central SUN magnet.

Be certain to engage in Decrees of the Great ‘I AM’ listed here for most effective release of Divine Power for both INDIVIDUAL AND world peace & ascension.

It is suggested to first heal one’s self and for that this author has made two Divine Energy Transmission Videos where one can be anointed with great divine healing virtues for self and loved ones at this page.

Check out Daniel’s article, “God and your ascension at the end of the age.

We now have the opportunity to change the planet at this historic era, and the time for our involvement is NOW.

Together as a collective group, with faith and perseverance we CAN make a difference!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Therefore if you love the earth and have hope that we can make a better world for ourselves and our children as we rapidly approach December 21, 2012 and recognize the power of your own conscious Mind, please join in and assist us and the heavenly hosts.

Yes, you CAN and will make a difference, but remember that we are all in this together and that no thought or prayer goes unnoticed.

Rather than merely praying for one day a year, or even one day a month, this author and website is suggesting a much more ambitious calling for a regular, routine, weekly, daily and HOURLY meditative prayer that anyone can participate in every day, morning and evening, maintaining thoughtful Intent for 5 minutes (Or up to 10 minutes!) at a time, at the strike of :20 after the hour of your choosing (6:20 AM, 7:20 AM, 8:20 AM, 9:20 AM, 10:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 12:20 PM, 1:20 PM, 2:20 PM, 3:20 PM, 4:20 PM, 5:20 PM, 6:20 PM, PST USA), regardless of where one lives on Planet Earth!

Do not worry if you cannot make it “every hour” as this is a demanding schedule even for the most arduous prayerful peoples. Just TRY you best to do 1-3 prayer sessions a day, aligned in schedule with these :20 after time frames. It is important that we synchronize, as that will be the great power of success in what we wish to accomplish!

Remember, you shall be collectively joining others and myself, thereby powerfully multiplying these conscious effects upon Earth. We cannot stress enough the critical importance of the synchronized timing of this gathering as an individual, group or organization to collectively multiply a worldwide energy field of pure conscious Mind and Thought Grid, generating vast healing energies to be dispersed globally.

It has been said that ONE Light worker focusing effectively on the Light can release enough positive energy to counteract the fragmented, fear-based, hate-filled thoughts and feelings of literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Many skeptics, cynics and atheists imagine prayer or focused mental Intent and consciousness has no effect. There does exist, however, ample evidence and testimony of the effectiveness and reality of prayer and thought on our surroundings.

prayer meditation ascension 2012 12-21-2012

Remember that even IF no one happens to be praying at the same time you are, don’t worry, because I, Daniel/Ancient of Days will indeed be with you and paying close attention. I can PERCEIVE when you are praying with me, as I sense it in my being through the body chakras.

We — you and I — must not give up HOPE of the reality soon to unfold upon an unsuspecting world population. Most will not take this calling seriously. You, on the other hand, will, dear child of God take this issue to HEART and comply, with surrender and submission to the Higher Authority and Creator of all that is GOOD in the world with the Divine Directive issued forth unto you.

Picture the earth engulfed in violet LIGHT!

Imagine in your consciousness the entire globe of Earth immersed in a vast sphere of violet flames, dissolving, purifying and healing throughout.
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