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Avoiding World War Three and Destined Great Earth Calamity With World Peace Prayer & Earth Ascension Now!

Introducing mission and calling of W.P.P.V.

Make a “DAILY pledge” to co-operate with the Ascendant Host, angels and God Jesus Christ of the Creator to bring about rapid, dramatic change within yourself and upon planet Earth!

What a beautiful and colorful planet this is, as shown above. Let us make it a much more succulently vibrant place of ascendant Light for all, including yourself, friends and family, not to mention your country!


Website mission:

“Ultimate goal & historic calling of the gathering of participants with collectively synchronized, timed prayers, invocations and decrees on a regular hourly basis initiating a profound, tangible & observable transformation of planetary consciousness to ASCEND BEFORE prophesied World War Three with Revelation 7 Seals being opened “shortly.”

Long term achievable vision & goal: Ascension of planet earth into the heavenly dimension as this author has foreseen in a profound August 3rd, year 2000 vision called The Day of the Lord Ascension with physical, conscious, first-handed experience of transportation into the future.

“Critical World Peace and Ascension calling through expansion and evolution of Divine Consciousness, Will and intervention multiplied through energetically organized activism and collective group prayerful meditation for global healing, peace, unity and Oneness for 2015, 2016. IF the anticipated Day of the Lord DIMENSIONAL Ascension does NOT come before the prophesied Great Calamity strikes; God forbid you be unprepared with little faith and food in a world of 99% DEFLATION and shut-down of the electrical power-grids worldwide with nuclear detonations over the Vatican and Washington D.C.!”

“If the masses were to do this (pray), it would set up a vibration of goodness that would be powerful enough to change the world.” Sri Daya Mata

Mobilizing toward a critical mass of elevated consciousness on a weekly, DAILY & HOURLY basis for the foreseeable future up to the prophetic, World War Three dates of between July 2016 & January 2017 as routine participation for peace and healing upon earth. We must collectively transmute hatred, violence and discord with higher frequencies of divine love, light, harmony and tranquility towards a state of global transcendent Ascension and New Reality.

Currently, the amount of energetic prayers is INSUFFICIENT to globally ascend planet earth entirely as she now NEEDS divine, collective assistance to push us over the edge, across time and space, to what is called, “Ascension Zero Point.”

We MUST act NOW, gathered together with as many as possible if WE wish to ascend in LOVE along with the rest of our fellow human beings for this realistic future destiny of planet Earth as of which God wants!

Participate and join others now for this ambitious gathering with collective, synchronized global healing prayer energies put forth with decrees, invocations and meditations as we do our part in raising and “guiding” planetary consciousness.

This is the raising of conscious vibrations & frequencies of our “thoughts” multiplied, unified and focused with intent along with multitudes of separate individuals. Together we CAN directly influence, affect and alter the very course of history and destiny of the future both for yourself as an individual and as a “collective” upon events on the whole planet earth through a cascading “butterfly effect.”

All walks of life, including Light workers, healers, churches and concerned souls, are welcome to participate with others in this historic worldwide prayer-circle at  specific hourly times on a  DAILY and even HOURLY basis.

The specific times one must (or “should”) prayerfully meditate is entirely up to you and God!

Please attempt to co-ordinate prayers for 5 minute segments (of your choice in timing and quantity) beginning at this to either :00, :36 after or with the :20 after the hour phenomenon, which can be explained further at .

:20 after hour prayer meditation timing

Assist and restore the earth towards greater peace and harmony, thereby transmuting chaos, hatred, discord, darkness and frequencies of death and disease in the coming year as related to various  prophetic utterances at related Sister Site as we globally reach “critical mass” or Zero Point at an exponentially accelerating rate according to the Hundredth Monkey concept.

Want to change the world for greater peace with love and through collective prayer & meditation in a consciousness-raising global group?

It is suggested to first do the well-known Lord’s Prayer followed by these these Warm Up Prayer instructions followed by the effective techniques such as the AUM meditation, the Violet Flame Ascended Master decree and the newly revealed, potentially powerful soon-to-be-famous Ancient of Days Decrees listed at bottom of this page, which are inherently instilled with great POWER of Divine Nature in them.


Be certain to engage in Decrees of the Great ‘I AM’ listed here for most effective release of Divine Power for both you as an INDIVIDUAL AND for world peace & Ascension.

It is suggested to first heal one’s self by God’s power and the author has made two Divine Energy Transmission Videos where one can be anointed with great divine healing virtues for self and loved ones at this page.

Check out Daniel’s article, “God and your ascension at the end of the age.

We now have the opportunity to change the planet in this historically “modern” epoch, and the time for our involvement is NOW.

Together as a collective group, with faith and perseverance we CAN make a difference!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Therefore if you love the earth and have hope that we can make a better world for ourselves and our children as we rapidly and almost fate-fully approach all-out, global war; so, participate!

Recognize the power of your own conscious Mind, please join in and assist us and the heavenly host.

Yes, you CAN and will make a difference, but remember that we are all in this together and that no thought or prayer goes unnoticed or unheard.

Rather than merely praying for one day a year, or even one day a month, or one day a week, this author and website is suggesting a much more ambitious calling for a regular, routine, weekly, daily and HOURLY meditative prayer that anyone can participate in every day, morning, afternoon and evening, maintaining thoughtful Intent for 5 minutes at a time, at the strike of :20 after he hour, or at the strike of :36 after the hour, or at the strike of :00on the hour, according to your own choosing.

Do not worry if you cannot make it “every hour” as this is a demanding schedule even for the most arduous prayerful peoples. Just TRY your best to do 1-3 prayer sessions a day, aligned in schedule with these :20:36 or :00 times.

It is important that we synchronize, as that will be the great power of success in what we wish to accomplish!

Remember, you shall be collectively joining others and myself, thereby powerfully multiplying these conscious effects upon Earth. We cannot stress enough the critical importance of the synchronized timing of this gathering as an individual, group or organization to collectively multiply a worldwide energy field of pure conscious Mind and Thought Grid, generating vast healing energies to be dispersed globally.

It has been said that ONE Light worker focusing effectively on the Light can release enough positive energy to counteract the fragmented, fear-based, hate-filled thoughts and feelings of literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Many skeptics, cynics and atheists imagine prayer or focused mental Intent in consciousness has no effect. There does exist, however, ample evidence and testimony of the effectiveness and reality of prayer and thought on our surroundings.

This author as a God Yahweh manifestation of Ancient of Days, has effectively “proven” the existence of God and has prophesied great calamity at this website: .

Remember, even though no one may “seem” to be praying at the same time you are, don’t worry, because I, Daniel/Ancient of Days will indeed be with you and paying close attention. I can PERCEIVE when you are praying with me, as I sense it in my body and with an expanded Presence.

We — you and I — must not give up HOPE of the reality soon to unfold upon an unsuspecting world population. Most will not take this calling seriously. You, on the other hand, will, dear child of God please take this issue to HEART and comply, with surrender and submission to the Higher Authority and Creator of all that is GOOD in the world with the Divine Directive issued forth unto you.

Imagine in your consciousness the entire globe of Earth immersed in a vast sphere of violet flames, dissolving, purifying and healing throughout.



The following was written in early 2015 and it is an “offer” God gives us, we humans, and that is a CHOICE at the End of Days with: DISASTER, OR, End of Days Ascension with bliss!

By author of Final Bookof Daniel, ‘I AM’ Messenger of Jesus Christ of the Creator and Daniel Eli as Ancient of Days, March 28, 2015.


A New Hope.


The end is nigh!

What kind of future fate or destiny do you want for planet Earth for the End Times and the Age to come, as we reach climax of Peak Global Critical Mass?

Do you know that from this point forward in 2015, it is BOTH divinely “written in stone” AND with timelines MULTIDIMENSIONALLY malleable?

We have to make a choice.


We currently face the following choices:

  • Glorious Ascension of the planet, before July 2016.
  • Doomsday war, famine, pestilence, plagues and great earth catastrophes.

NOW, which is it in your deepest desire for a planetary destiny, during these “interesting times” as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear conflagration with planetary stress so severe that something has to “give?” Do you want to “give” your heart in prayer to avert destined calamity, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Should we all lazily sit back and do nothing, know dear child of God that World War Three with massive wrath of God is coming with Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible of which the observable progress is unfolding before our very eyes.

This Destroyer path of the Book of Revelation and Starburst 2020 (A.D.) World War Three is SET “in stone” and is INEVITABLE.

There is a catch, however.

That catch is, unless WE do something about it.

“We,” as in billions of people who could be taking part in shaping planetary destiny.

As one can observe through Bible prophecy, the ancient prophets gave repentance warnings of Judgments of God to come upon nations with intense WRATH of God as a fate to befall them. This aversion would happen UNLESS they came to their senses and prayed, like in the story of Jonah. That city of Nineveh was spared destruction because of God’s mercy, due to their prayerful appeals. These prayers were made with faith to avert calamity, just as we now have a GLOBAL responsibility to do Divine will “with” God.

Question: Is it correct that true prophecy where True prophets issued forth on parchment from centuries ago, supposed to be:

1.) Written-in-stone? OR,

2.) Can we, through EFFORT on our part, go all the way to the “Promised Land” towards a glorious, heaven-on-Earth environment? Can we do this, as with the August 3rd, 2000 vision of which this author has had — where he witnessed first-hand, being physically thrust into the future to observationally experience the Great Ascension of Earth?


We really CAN!

Should we place our collective, synchronized minds together with right prayer decree, with mind-ful intent, the choice CAN be yours. Do it not just for yourself, but for your family, your brothers and sisters In Christ and for God.

Ask yourself, is our destination in beholding a “choice” vision of the future after reading number 1 or 2 as follows “correct,” and will you have chosen wisely?

1.) Prayerful group effort (Winner option): Flowery, rainbows and beautiful meadows future like in the hopeful, heavenly ASCENSION future where we speak telepathically, flowers lose their stems and the veil drops as man-made buildings are utterly crushed to the ground; as the FAVOURABLE route for YOU and for me. Or

2.) Lazy path of do nothing (Loser option): Massive young mountains thrust up from the bedrock earth changes, as we chart out on to the seas that roar to mile-high “tsunamis” overcoming the continents with the tectonic plates buckling with a massive, historic global earthquake of a scale of a 9.8 magnitude with ¼ of the world dead on TOP of 1/3rd of the world dead from World War Three.

We CAN ascend, through active, synchronized, timed power of thought prayerful decrees made globally!

Now, alas, it is Ascension or “bust.”

Do not “bust” out laughing “buster,” we CAN do it!

We are in this together, dear brother and sisters In Christ.

The future IS malleable, to the extent that nothing can happen without God.

Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

And by golly, for His Glory, He is!

Frightful end of the world, Armageddon, Apocalypse, doomsday End of the World prophecies like World War Three as prophesied from July 2016 to January 2017 with death and destruction of one third of the world CAN be the Destroyer option of GOD, for GOD and by GOD. This would be for a world that has selfishly overshadowed God’s love, with a wholesale rejection of God by unbelief, rebellion and hate for one another; this is in addition to abhorrent personal and societal GREED and MILITARISM “of the world.” Furthermore by Earth inhabitants being against the Ways of God which are compassion, healing, hope, truth, life and most importantly, Love Divine.


We CAN make it to the Promised Land with peace, justice, bliss and heaven brought “down” with an overlapping, heavenly “essence” over top an ascending Earth!

This is the exponential acceleration ascension of the merger of heaven and Earth!

Should little to no prayerful Intent be wrought by those reading these words concerning the future fate and destiny of planet Earth, along with 7 billion souls, all will be lost in failure. Then, alas, God comes in the 21st century not as a Saving Creator as in The Beginning, but as a Creative DESTROYER and JUDGE as written about two millennia ago in the Divinely inspired Book of Revelation.

Either way, it is all for God’s glory!

We are facing nothing short of the death of up to 99.9% of the world’s population according to a stark vision this author has seen regarding the total collapse of civilization itself, prior to – and during – the “Starburst” year of 2020 A.D.

According to Starburst 2020 vision-wise, in the future, in one dimension, there remains little but abandoned cities with few survivors. It is a world of little-to-no electricity left remaining. Twenty-first century electrical power-grid proliferation currently available so that you can read these words on a computer (Which is undoubtedly taken for granted.) will come down world-wide. Even if one printed these words out on paper, and treated its significance as what one would be mentally absorbing while reading the Holy Bible, one finds that even the printer needs electricity; as does the church you attend to light the inside, let alone drive one’s spark-plug-ignited automobile to and from Church.


Who do you admire and/or emulate as a heroic leader or role model? Mother Theresa? The Pope? Jesus?

What about a villain? Hitler? Stalin? Darth Vader?

Do you “look up” to a mansion-dwelling president named Barack Obama as a “messiah,” or do you see a worldly Antichrist figure as he truly is, as a “Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light,” who knows his time is short?

The president – like the Catholic Pope – can travel protected by either bullet-proof windows or layers of metal. Should YOU be under an attack of an assailant, will Mr. Obama come to your rescue, or rather, the Pope, or at least the God he is supposed to be following? Do you, instead of looking up to a mortal, seek out and have faith enough that Immortal Jesus Christ of the Creator can protect you in times of tumult, fear, worry and threatening danger?

Know that “IF” we choose the World War Three Battle of the Millennia and Biblical great tribulation, death and calamituous path of the Destroyer, little will remain in THIS one time-lined dimension. This comes very “shortly” in the grand scope and “scheme” of things, understanding that this is no “scheme” to sell books, but to ascend planet Earth, OR, destroy it.

Either way it is The End approaching “quickly.”

The good news is that while God is Omnipotent and can technically “end” it all in a heartbeat, so-to-speak, we have been given influence — free-will-wise — WITHIN the Illusion hologram aspect of Matrix-like existence, on this planetary sphere, to Join WITH God not just in prayer, but as one person or group of persons who can be worthy of Jesus’ saying in the Bible,

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

Preferably, should we choose a multi-dimensional, mammoth, historic, exponential Day of the Lord Ascension Judgment Day at “zero point” BEFORE World War Three, it would be “bliss for all!” This HAS TO occur BEFORE World War Three “explodes” on the scene with “Wormwood” style mushroom clouds rising above cities like the Vatican and Washington D.C.

For such an Ascension path, then WE, dear participants, MUST actively bring in what God WANTS, which is a peaceful END of a way of life of greed and militarism. This is not to mention a long historical cycle of exponential growth of consumption and population, which is entirely unsustainable. This scenario is for the better — for all involved – and this takes prayerful perseverance, dedication and FAITH without wavering.

Should you be one of the “Peaceful Warrior” types, praying actively with others in your family, Church or even nation, we CAN – I repeat, CAN ascend planet Earth as we usher in this multi-dimensional acceleration to the miracle of soon-to-come Zero Point and our bodies “change” in the twinkling of an eye.

While this endeavor may seem impossible to those who mock and doubt, understand that it only takes a relatively small number of the faithful (remnant!) to participate with prayerful Ancient of Days Decrees to accomplish what will seem  like a truly miraculous “New Age” of radiant, pristine existence and peace!

We CAN do it!

This is an exotically pristine and beautiful world we CAN and MUST bring in, “lest we forget” that 1990’s Russia has followed 1920’s Germany which ushered in a global conflagration known as World War Two.

Now, in the early 21st century, we face something FAR in excess of “The war to end all wars.”

We are now facing global, thermonuclear war, and near extinction of the human race in this dimension!

Let’s challenge you and bring you now the specially worded, divinely revealed Ancient of Days Decree that one and all (And there is One God for all; all for One.) can say, preferably out loud, 3 times per day minimum for those with faith.

This is HOPE for the World Peace and global Ascension, in a world gone “MAD” as in, Mutual Assured Destruction.

We have an OPPORTUNITY as a goal (But, NOT, I repeat NOT an actual prediction) for such an Ascension of September 28th, 2015, and if we pass without Judgment day, then the “fail safe” date of July 2016 is the “Final Solution” for God!

Say it with an audible thunder-might in your voice with oomph, gusto and power, with utmost faith and FEELING that you are doing this not in vain or alone, but rightly with glorious, high-level, Divine assistance and angelic host (As in, LORD of Hosts kind of host.) who are by no means “strangers,” like the strangers in this time-synchronized, collective group you are joining in with prayer with whose who come across these words from around the globe. (Note-fully observe that this website has significant influence and authority with religious leaders, government officials, economic analysts and reporters who take the content seriously who can and do make these words and ideas go VIRAL shortly after a writing is posted.)

Those “in the know” in religious, consciousness and spiritual circles on the path of Truth receive plenty of confirmation through signs and wonders and even ANSWERED prayer. Their great faith in the “Great Unseen” borderlines on the “virtually” miraculous, as some will be reading these words on the “virtual” World Wide Web, information superhighway called The Internet.

While the world may be “filled” with hypocrisy, unbelief, corruption, deception and lies, DO know that the truthful, honest, virtuous do-gooders and faithful abound in many groups, such as in Christianity. Is the world’s cup half “filled” or half empty? Does its cup “runneth over?”

Christians base their beliefs around that ancient book called the Holy Bible, which is a “sound” source of truth and divine reality. Therefore, “sound” off in prayer like the angels of Revelation before they blow their trumpets and pour vials of divine WRATH upon Earth!

This is your LAST warning.


Ancient of Days Decree for World Peace and Ascension.

After almost 2 months of fasting, continual prayer, it has been revealed to this author to issue forth the proclamation that he, by higher calling, has been given authority and instruction to manifest and significantly co-guide destiny upon the earth as directed with collective “thought essence prayer decrees” in conjunction with the efforts of any and all who chose to join in and participate in regular prayerful meditation on an hourly basis.

God wants you to pray for World Peace and Earth Ascension according to the timing of the strike of the hour.

Say the following Ancient of Days Decree a minimum of once or twice in a row, OUT LOUD at the strike of the hour, on the hour, any hour, a recommended 3 times per day.

If you wish, try 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and/or 6 PM. This Author will be there with you, “in spirit” as you pray.

To time it to special times of Divine Significance, one can do it either :20 after or :36 after the hour for a minute or so, as this can increase effectiveness as this author can actually FEEL when someone is saying the prayerful decrees with Daniel.

Keep your faith strong through prayer in general, in the name of Jesus Christ of the Creator “with” the Father, and do not waver, as this will be a test of patience and endurance for all involved.

Remember that it is the synchronization of multiple participants taking active part in this group, with hourly prayer which will prove its effectiveness. One can even expect and observe global weather to be seriously and noticeably altered shortly after this writing is posted and word is spread with various folks joining in. Therefore, let us all “hold hands” across time and space (which is illusory) in a globally networked, telepathic “work” session (Where the “pay” is not all that great, yet the “retirement” plan is out of this world!) Prayer takes mental and spiritual EFFORT.

The aim, as we can perceive, will be to significantly transmute discordant and inharmonious thought patterns and forms originating from the collective human consciousness which radiate outward across time and space which ultimately are responsible for physical disturbances upon Mother Earth.

These negative thought forms include rage, violence, hatred, greed, strife, ignorance and intolerance.

With regular collective prayerful meditation in unison with other participants gathered together at above website we shall ease the global situation in terms of sheer magnitude of earth changes and violent weather as well as ease violence in big cities and war-torn Middle East, bringing forth greater harmony, tranquility and peace throughout the globe in the coming days, weeks and months.

The results of these prayerful gatherings, meditations, decrees and invocations will indeed demonstrate that at the collective level, conscious “thought” when combined and “multiplied,” can and does have great effect upon life on earth.

Engage in protective invocation prayer of archangel Michael and achieving relaxed state after 3 to 5 deep breaths, feet firmly planted on the ground, back and neck erect. Use imagery to picture divine white Light rising upwards and outwards from heart chakra (energy center) to forehead and finally through the crown chakra or top of the head.

One must first PURIFY the heart and thoughts of the mind and focus only on loving, compassionate, healing LIGHT infused thoughts. If you are insincere, afraid or negative you will improperly “draw” the wrong divine energy!

Therefore, clasp your hands together, get down on your knees and pray with the name and power of Jesus Christ of the Creator in mind, body and spirit, and spread the word!

Here is the famous, specially worded, divinely revealed Ancient of Days Decree which was revealed in May 2011:

“My Beloved Mighty I AM presence – Ancient of Days – with great Power, radiant Glory and majesty, consume and transmute all discordant energies and thoughts upon Mother Earth, blazing with the violet flame!”

“I appeal to the ‘Mighty Beloved I AM Presence’ both within my heart, originating both from the Father-God through the omnipotent, omnipresent Source of the Great Central Sun, an outpouring of healing Divine Love and peace to immediately overspread the entire planet Earth and all life upon her, Expand NOW, Radiate NOW, Raise frequencies NOW! In the name of the Creator I give thanks to Thee for the Christ to come upon me! With great healing Omnipotence evermore upon the whole earth, So Be It!”


Here are additional prayer decrees one can use, as revealed with the help of the Ascended Host:

*Mighty, Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence — Ancient of Days — in the name of Jesus Christ of the Creator, release IMMEDIATELY all restrictions to World Peace with the power of God Almighty!

*Jesus Christ of the Creator, trans-mutate all negative energies upon Earth according to your Will, in the name of Ancient of Days, eliminate all warfare globally to bring forth World Peace!

*Beloved, Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence, in Jesus’ name, bring forth Global Ascension as You desire! Eliminate all war-torn energies and strife immediately with the power of the violet flame in the name of Ancient of Days, so be it!

*Dear God Jesus Christ of the Creator — with Ancient of Days — bring forth mighty Violet Flame of transmutation of inharmonious hatred and intolerance, replaced with love and peace world wide NOW!

*Mighty, Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence — through Ancient of Days — ascend planet Earth with heavenly scope, essence and beauty with the power of the Violet Flame from the Great Central Sun forevermore!

Persevere, good dear child of God!

May God be with you always; Lo, even until The End!

Do not give up!

Peace, love and blessings to all!


Daniel Eli. Author of and .



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